Sara Blake
Sara Blake is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and designer based in New York City and elsewhere—and, like you, is an intergalactic traveler who is just passing through.
Sara got her start making images in the digital arts scene in 2007 under the moniker HelloZSO. Today, Sara's recent work focuses on exploring themes of truth, the human spirit, metaphysics, nature, and dream consciousness. In this unbelievably unique moment of spacetime, as this light in the shape of words reaches your eyes, Sara would most like to ask you what beauty is in your heart? What world do you want to see? What dreams are you creating?
Early acceptance to NYU's smallest department, The Gallatin School of Individualized Study, graduating as Honors Scholar and magna cum laude \ Working with Havas WW for 7 years on their IBM projects \ Speaking about personal illustration work at over 20 conferences in 11 countries \ Contributing artist at The CAC, Cincinnati's contemporary art museum in 2013 as part of OFFF Festival's show about Play \ Guest speaker for Princeton University’s student-run non-profit about thoughts on sustainable design practice \ Founding member of sustainable investing fin-tech startup called Ethic working to solve the world’s climate crisis \ Completing first novel
New York University
Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Fine Art + Creative Writing
Solo Shows
Secret Fresh, Manila, 2014
Friends of Leon Gallery, Sydney, 2009
Group Shows
Fillin Global, 24 x 24, NYC, 2019
CKO, NYC, 2019
Fillin Global, NYC, 2019
San Diego Comic Con, Group show presented by Vice, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, 2014
Fice Gallery, Salt Lake City, 2014
Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, 2013
New York Writes Itself, presented by The Village Voice and Leo Burnett, 2012
Design Nation, NYC, April 2018
Adobe Creative Jam, NYC, December 2015
OFFF Fortaleza, November 2014
SUNY New Paltz, Art Lecture Series, October 2014
Design Exchange Boston with AIGA, September 2014
Camp Festival, Calgary, September 2014
Reasons To Be Creative, Brighton, September 2014
FITC, Toronto, April 2014
FITC, Amsterdam, February 2014
FITC, Tokyo, February 2014
Graphika Manila, Philippines, February 2014
Play & Make, Düsseldorf, November 2013
OFFF, Caracas, November 2013
Halifax Pop Explosion, Nova Scotia, October 2013
Blend Conference, Charlotte, September 2013
OFFF, Barcelona, June 2013
FITC, Toronto, April 2013
Cut & Paste, SXSW, Austin, March 2013
OFFF at the CAC, Cincinnati, March 2013
Reasons To Be Creative, Brighton, September 2014
We Can Create, Auckland, August 2011
Panel Judge
Ember Awards, Digital Alberta, 2017
Ember Awards, Digital Alberta, 2016
Ember Awards, Digital Alberta, 2015
YCN, Young Professionals Awards, 2014
Design Collector's Digital Decade, 2014
FITC Awards, 2014
Adobe Awards, 2013
Design Collector's Digital Decade, 2013