Sara Blake
The Rosalyn Letters
The Rosalyn Letters was written and illustrated,
designed, and published in NYC by an artist named Sara Blake.
This six-year project helped her learn to listen to her dreams
and now she mostly makes art quietly in the woods beside a small lake.
She sewed every stitch
and drew every line.
She pushed every pixel
and wrote every rhyme.
She wrote these words because they
told a story she needed to hear.
And now those words are for you too,
whenever you are ready for them to appear.
Published through Blake Studio
the making of ROsalyn
To all our fellow humans, what a gift it is to be here with you.
Lend an attentive ear to your dreams, but also to one another.
It's not idealism to hope for a future where regardless
of race, gender, or religion we all act like sister and brother.
In Somnis Veritas—in Latin it means
"In Dreams There is Truth.”
Dreams aren't just for sleeping, so remember, it's never
too late to seize those truest dreams of our youth.
Support independent arts
The Rosalyn Letters is an independent project
100% self-funded on the author's own buck.
She hopes to get this project out to the world
with your support and a little bit of luck.
Q + A
What's the book about?
You can check out the synopsis for an overview and chapter teasers.
Who is this book for?
This book is for everyone—but especially for anyone who has ever felt doubt, loss, or fear, or questioned their intuition. It’s for people who might skew to angst and introspection. It’s for those who often find themselves reflecting on the nature of the universe or our understanding of truth. It is for anyone who likes a good, old-fashioned mystery.
What’s the setting?
The Rosalyn Letters is set in Erie, Pennsylvania and New York City over the course of a year in 1997.
Is this book suitable for my kid or grandma?
This book does not contain any explicit language or sexual content. It does, however, contain descriptions of a crime of violence which resurfaces throughout the story. It may be considered disturbing for some more sensitive minds, but is not prohibitively graphic for most. The concept of death is featured prominently in this work of fiction.
What's the book's Format?
The Rosalyn Letters is written as a combination of epistolary prose, narrative poetry in AABB rhyming couplets with small illustrations. It is a mystery thriller wrapped in philosophical and metaphysical inquiry. The format is a transcription of letters in Rosalyn's journal—a first-person narration comprised of both written entries and pencil and ink drawings. It is the world experienced through Rosalyn’s mind.
Why this format?
Poetry forces our minds to slow down and pay attention through its meter and rhyme, and a private about a journal is an intimate and uncensored space that offers a soft landing for free raw expression and inquiry. Thoughts have permission to exist simply as they are.
What makes this book different?
This project is a combination of several experimental ingredients including poetry, prose and visual art. This book was not produced through traditional publishing means. The entire process of writing, editing, production, illustration, design, and publishing was all done by the author with special thanks to the her family, especially the author's partner and mom, for their steadfast support, advice, second opinions, and editing.
Special thanks
What are the book’s themes?
A coming of age story. An ode to the 1990s. A gruesome and suspenseful murder mystery. A story about deep pain, grief and mourning. An experiment of storytelling, lyricism, and poetry. A comedy at moments, but more often a tragedy. A meditation on the meaning of dreams. An exploration of life and death, light and dark. A inquiry into the nature of our universe. A call to action.
What's the moral of the story?
That's for you to decide.