Sara Blake
The Minimalist

At first, she believed,
if only there was more
to look at,
the empty places
could not catch cold
and feel so menacing
for no other reason
than their vacancy.
But after long enough
of plugging holes
the drafts made their way in

If the walls were filled
from edge to edge
with picture frames,
and trinkets,
and curious objects
from far away,
the visitors were easily
distracted from
the absence of framing
or insulation

And while it took longer
than she knew to wait,
with repetition
she learned to
square the edges
and lay foundations deep,
select only the materials
that were made to last,
and with enough practice
it became self evident
that the beauty
was the structure itself.

The lack of adornment
was not so much asceticism
as it was a confidence
in making choices,
a hard learned lesson
that it’s easy to add
but much more difficult
to take away
and still keep
the edifice